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Back to work transition plan for you & your pup

Here are a few ideas to get started on below in order to reduce your pup’s anxiety about you going back to work:

· Get started right away on the transition. I suggest using a calendar to map out your plan for a successful transition

· Leaving & returning should be non-events. I know you probably want to love you pup like crazy when you come home but ignore them & put away groceries or some other brief activity before you acknowledge him. This will make coming & going less stressful (more for the pup than you).

· Try to extend the frequency & duration of being out of the house on a daily basis –start short & increase the time you are away. Go to your mailbox, to the end of your block, even go sit in your car for a few minutes a few times a day. Keep extending the time you are away every week. Use a calendar to target building up to being out of the house for a full day.

· If you make a daily trip to say Starbucks & bring your pup, start weaning them off of that. This is not going to be easy on either of you but making small changes daily will result in a successful transition back to the office for both of you.

· Start adjusting your pup’s bathroom schedule for your expected back to work schedule. If they sleep until 8:30 & then goes out for a potty break, start waking them earlier & let them out on your new schedule. If they goes out multiple times a day, start thinking about a dog walker.

· You may need to invest in dog walker or possibly doggie daycare as a potential fill in. These are both becoming harder to secure as there are so many folks with pets – don’t wait until September or you will likely have difficulty finding one.

· Leave your pup with something even more irresistible that you – something safe like a frozen Kong filled with something yummy.

· Leave on a radio or a TV. Try a few different radio & TV stations to find out if your pup likes country or classical or prefers to binge watch Netflix.

· Get up earlier to accommodate your pup’s schedule & leave enough time for a morning activity with (a walk, fetch, squirrel chasing, etc.) in addition to the new early morning potty break. A tired pup is a happy pup & starting off the day with an activity will position your pup for a good day. Start setting your alarm tomorrow to allow for enough time for you to get ready & for feeding, a potty break & a morning activity.

· Close shades where your dog can’t see out – this can lead to barking or other stress behaviors.

· Pick up your shoes, etc. Chewing is often a stress activity for dogs. Even dogs that don’t chew can pick up this habit when left alone for extended periods. Time to puppy proof the house again.

Plenty more but hope this list is a good start. Let me know if we can assist further or if you would like help setting up a customized plan.

Jon at Puppy Paw Training LLC 203-376-8273

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